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To complete setup you need to change currency formatting in shop's settings. You can also send email to us writing on and we will do it for you for free.

Please watch short video with installation guide:

Edit Currency Formatting

Step 1

From your Shopify admin, click Settings on the bottom of the left menu,

Setting Button

then click General:

General Button

Step 2

Scroll down to the Store Currency section. In this section click Change formatting.

Change Formatting

Step 3

Find the HTML with currency and the HTML without currency formats text fields.

Html With Currency and without

Step 4

In both text fields, copy and paste <span class='money'> in front of the formatting page In both text fields, copy and paste </span> after the formatting text.
After edition fields should look like below: Fields with formatting

Step 5

Click Save. Application is installed now. Next step is configure the application.


Any other currency conversion apps or software should be disabled on your site before using Power Currency Convereter. Using two conversion apps at the same time can cause conflicts with how the currency displays on the site.